Casserole Classic

Pizza Baguette Cheese Greenfox Rotated


Bestsseler in Green Fox’s offering for business. Zapiekanka Klasyk pays homage to the classic, traditional Polish zapiekanka. Here it all comes together, that crunchiness, that meatiness, that stuffing and the cheese that accentuates the flavor. The secret of Green Fox is the addition of butter, which gives a unique character to this proposal, makes it special and loved by Green Fox customers for a reason. A proposal tailored to meet the needs of the food service area in a store, gas station or the food service itself.

Zapiekanka Green Fox is all about respecting the traditional taste of our Polish pizza. The secret to quality is bread made from Polish wheat flour, perfectly crispy on the outside and meaty on the inside. In Green Fox casseroles, we use bread made from Polish certified flour, and our recipe is based on a simple composition that eliminates artificial additives. The natural process of bread growth is the secret to the perfect harmony of crunchiness and meatiness. Baked goods, is the base of the high quality and composition of flavors served in the various Green Fox menu offerings.

Nowadays, casseroles are experiencing a renaissance with the fashion for Food Trucks. The young generation has the opportunity to test the well-known flavors of Polish mobile gastronomy in a new version, where only the buyer’s imagination is the limit. At Green Fox, we combine tradition, the highest quality casseroles and interesting flavor combinations in the Fast GOOD Food standard.

Do you already have casseroles in your offerings? We invite you to test the quality of our casseroles and new flavors.

Are you thinking about opening a catering area in your point of sell? Check out our Strefa Zapiekarnia concept, a one-stop solution for business.