MEGA premium French hot dog cabbage for roller grill

Kabanos Mega

Kabanos mega version 110g. Kabanos the leader among meat snacks in Poland, loved by all ages, Green Fox’s business offerings include high-quality premium pork and beef kabanos. Prepared from cured pork refined with high-quality beef, dried and smoked. Cabbage without a casing, with ideal dimensions for French hot dog buns for quick heating on the roller grill. It contains as much as 80% meat, without GMOs. Thanks to special production technology, it has an extended shelf life on the roller grill.

The hot dog is the favorite and most popular mobile dish of Poles. Did you know that we eat as many as 20 million of them per month in Poland? This is a category in which the consumer appreciates the quality and taste of the product, so there is no room for compromise. Green Fox experts know everything about the catering area and high-quality offerings on roller grill, we have the widest range on the market today. Production of our products is carried out with attention to the highest quality of taste, hygiene and safety, which is confirmed by quality certificates.

Do you have French hot dogs in your offer? We invite you to test the quality of our products.

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